Q: Where do I get the TeenJobFind app?

A: The app is available at the App Store Now!

iOS app:


Android app:


Q: What do I have to do to activate my account?

A: Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create an account by providing us with certain registration information.

Teen – you will also be asked for the email address of a coach, teacher, or other trusted adult who will be a reference for you as well as your parent or guardian’s email address.  Please let them know to expect an email from TeenJobFind.  Your account will NOT be activated until both parties approve.

Job poster – please create your account with your email address. You will also be asked to upload your driver’s license for a background screen and credit card information for payment. Your account will be activated if and when TeenJobFind determines, in its sole discretion, that the results of your background check are satisfactory.

Q:  My teen has an account but it doesn’t appear to be active, what do I do?

A: Follow the steps below:

1. Login to his/her TeenJobFind app account
2. Toggle to the Profile section
3. Click on References
4. Verify that the email addresses are correct
5. If there is a green checkmark next to it that one has been approved, if there is no checkmark that means the reference/guardian did not approve.
6. Re-enter the email or choose another one if that works better and click on update
7. A new email will be generated
8. Please make sure to check your email right away (check spam as well) and remind the references to do the same.
9. Once both have approved your teen will be able to look for jobs and take any that they like that work for their schedule!

Q: What do I do if I’m having problems creating my account?

A: Please contact support@teenjobfind.com with any account creation issues.  We will be happy to help you resolve the problem.

Q: Why are you asking for my social security number and is it stored?

A: We request the social security number for our job posters because this information is helpful in obtaining a full criminal background check. We know that our job posters will want to help ensure the safety of our teens.

A: For our teens, social security number is required for the financial distribution of payment. TeenJobFind uses a secure server designed to protect all personal information.

Q: How will I get paid? How will I pay the teen?

A: Payment is handled through the TeenJobFind app through our third party payment processor. As a job poster, please provide us with your credit card that will be used for payment. You will enter this information in your profile, and payment will be direct deposited into your bank account after you have completed your job.

You may also also choose our Gift Card Payment option. With six different gift cards to choose from, simply select your preference and after you complete your job, you will receive via email an electronic gift card in the amount you earned!

Q: How much will I get paid? How much will I pay?

A: Teens receive $14 per hour and the job poster pays $16 per hour. The difference is the amount that TeenJobFind collects in fees to keep this platform available to you.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: We use Stripe, a third party payment processing company. It will take 5-7 days for payment to appear in your bank account. Gift cards will be paid out within a few days of completing your job.

Q: Does TeenJobFind handle my taxes?

A: Teens, with the help of their parents, are responsible for remitting any applicable taxes to the IRS.

Q: Is there a fee?

A: TeenJobFind collects a service fee for every job performed. This allows us to properly screen the people on our platform as well as pay the operational costs of providing you with access to our services.

Q: How do I know Teenjobfind is a safe marketplace?

A: Our mission at TeenJobFind is to create a safe marketplace. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of those using our platform. We have worked hard to lay the groundwork for this by creating policies and building in features directly into our app designed with your safety in mind. All applicants are screened before we activate their account. All job posters are required to consent to a background check to screen for violent offenses, sexual offenses, and other criminal offenses that may present a safety risk to users of the app. We hire a third party to perform our background checks which includes searching the national and county-level databases going back 7 years. Background checks are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Job posters are not eligible for TeenJobFind if background checks reveal convictions or pending cases for any of the following:

•Violent crime


•Drug-related offense

•Sexual offense

•Certain theft or property damage offenses

TeenJobFind reserves the right to disqualify any participant at any time for any safety-related reason, or any other reason, at our sole discretion.

For the teens, references are checked and parental/guardian consent is required before their account is activated. We want parents to feel comfortable sending their teens to clients’ homes and always encourage them to come with their teen at the start of the job. Job posters hiring teens can ask the teen to arrive by prior to the job date to have a chance to meet with the teen and his/her parents as well.

Q: Is there a desktop or Android version of the app?

A: We offer both a iOS app and Android version! TeenJobFind is not yet available on your desktop.

Q: What do I do if I run into any problems when posting or accepting a job?

A: Contact support@teenjobfind.com or call (650) 285-1523

Q:  Why has my account been deactivated? 

A:  TeenJobFind reserves the right to deactivate any account at any time.  The most common reason occurs because we have received a complaint about a recent job.  Whenever a complaint occurs our standard procedure is to put the accounts on hold while we review the issue.  We have an obligation to our job posters to provide them with nothing but the best service because without them our platform would not exist.    If you would like to be considered for reactivation of your account please contact support@teenjobfind.com.

Q: I’ve downloaded the app and see some unfamiliar terms, what do they mean?

A: Welcome to the TeenJobFind nest! Your “nest” is your neighborhood. We refer to job posters as “owls” and the teens as “owlets”. The “owls” post a “hoot” when they need some help from our teens!

Q: Why are the job postings different colors?

A: There is a key available within the app for you to understand the status of the job postings (click on the ‘i’ in the upper right corner on the map).

Blue: Available jobs

Yellow: A job has been claimed by a teen, and it’s being held (for 2 hours) until his/her parents approve.

Green: A job has been claimed by a teen and it’s scheduled for some time in the future.

Red: A job was placed but no teen picked it up! We really don’t want this to happen so make sure to check the app frequently!

Q: I’ve posted a job and it’s not showing up, why is that?

A: There is a refresh button at the top right corner that should resolve this issue. If it doesn’t, please try logging out and then logging back in again. The same thing might happen for a teen who may have attempted to claim a job or update profile information.

If the app isn’t functioning as expected and refresh does not correct this, a logout and log back in should resolve the issue.

Q: Is TeenJobFind available outside of Palo Alto?

A: TeenJobFind is now available in Belmont, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Saratoga!