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Here in Palo Alto, teens have high academic pressure while also participating in extracurricular activities that keep them busy year round, leaving little time for a part time job. Work experience is tremendously important for our youth and despite their gridlocked schedules, they do want the opportunity to work and earn their own money. Teens often find themselves with a day or afternoon free here and there and would love the ability to pick up a job during that time.

At the same time, as working parents and members of the community, we find ourselves just as busy, with an endless list of things to get done. This leaves us with limited options, often costing more money to hire companies like TaskRabbit and leaves us with the unease of hiring a stranger outside our neighborhood.

Our goal is to bring these two communities together, our local teenagers and our fellow members of the community, to create a safe marketplace that meets both needs.

Safety First

TeenJobFind wants to protect both the teens and the job posters. Before anyone can join the system to post a job, we do a comprehensive background check. You can allow your teen to work while being confident about their safety and security.

Post In Seconds

Get your work done quickly and easily. Our simple post form takes only a few seconds to blast your job opportunity to our network of teens. Set the date, time, and location. Let us do all the work from there. You’ll be matched with the right teen at the right time.


Teens can find jobs in and around their city through our TeenJobFind map. We eliminate extra travel for everyone involved by finding a teen in your community.

Payment System

The app handles the payment details so that you don’t have to.  Simply input your credit card information and everything will be handled from there.  No need to have cash on hand.  Our teens decide if they want the money direct deposited into their bank account or if they’d prefer to be paid by gift card.  You always have the opportunity to verify their hours.

Future Posting

May not need the task done immediately or not home? Not to worry, you can post the job for this upcoming weekend and select a time. TeenJobFind works with your schedule. Setup multiple jobs in the future to plan a few days of work.

Teens Want Their Freedom

The teen is in control of their jobs. That’s one of the best functionalities of TeenJobFind, providing our teens with skills in management, work ethic, and responsibility (just to name a few). They’ll learn skills for the real world.

Connect with your Community

Easy job locator & simple communication helps you get work faster!

Blast Notifications

Our system is completly automated to connect you with our community fast. When you post a job, you are reaching our extensive database of teens, and our messaging system is built right in. Never leave the app!

Safety Controls

We’re here for you. If you’re concerned about the skills of the teen you hired feel free to reach out to our support team. You can communicate directly with the teen to ensure your task isn’t too big for their expertise.

The teen’s parents have to approve each and every job a teen takes.  This is an added security feature built in to ensure the teen is capable of the work you are hiring for.

Automatic Payments

Pay directly within the app. Long gone are the days of paying someone in cash. We also built in the opportunity for teens to be paid via gift cards (Amazon for example). The teen you hired gets to choose their method of payment while making it easy for you.

Simplicity in Design

Posting on TeenJobFind is designed to be as simple as possible, so that your schedule for the current day, as well as your calendar of all future jobs, is easily accessible.

If you're in a bind and need help fast, the footer navigation allows you to immediately post a job in just a few short clicks.

The alerts page keeps you up to date on all jobs that you've requested and accepted, so that you can stay organized.

The map feature connects you with teens in your own community.

Rest easy with push notifications sent straight to your phone to alert you when your a teen is selected and ready to work

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